#TBT: Iconic Moments in Beauty...

Go To Post     #TBT: Iconic Moments in Beauty History 🌟 A new series giving flowers to the womxn and femmes whose beauty and talent sparkled and reigned supreme over time. Today we're paying tribute to a legendary Black-founded and owned brand that helped pave the way for inclusive shades PLUS creative and representative community storytelling: Fashion Fair cosmetics 💄 The Moment: Fashion Fair, founded in Chicago in 1973 by Johnson Publishing, began as an idea to expand the beauty market for Black women - particularly during a time when the rest of the beauty industry failed to do so. The brand blossomed after Ebony Fashion Fair - a traveling entertainment fashion show - where backstage, models struggled to find their perfect shade. "Eunice Johnson noticed that the African American models who twirled down her runways were mixing their own foundations because they had trouble finding makeup to match their complexion. She took those homemade concoctions to chemists, and a makeup line was born." The game-changing line would go on to become a staple in Black women's households, and demonstrate the power of our dollars at major retail counters across the country. 💵 We can't get enough of the ADVERTISING featuring Black women paired with relatable and inspiring headline copy like: "Career Woman Takes Motherhood in Stride" and "Glamorous New Yorker Dances 'Til Dawn." *SWIPE* to view our favorite Fashion Fair Ad moments 📰   Source: tias.com and "What happened to Fashion Fair? Why the black cosmetics brand is so hard to find." @washingtonpost, 2015

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