"Poro is not just a lifestyle, it's a legacy"

Go To Post     "Poro is not just a lifestyle, it's a legacy" - @helgaodats

✨ Meet the newest member of the GEENIE marketplace fam — Helga Odatuwa, Founder of Poro Cosmetics💄 Helga created her gluten-free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free line of lip products in special remembrance of her grandmother 💐 “Poro is a luxury lifestyle brand crafted to inspire hard working women from diverse backgrounds to truly live to the fullest, savour every moment, and enjoy life’s luxuries. Poro is my grandmother’s legacy; What’s yours?" Meet Helga at 1pm EST today as she takes over our IG live in conversation with Kameka B. of @kami_cosmetics! You don't want to miss it! And grab two of our fav @porocosmetics shades, Rangi and Phi Phi, in our Shop 🎉

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