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Our founder blessing us with lewks + motivation for this grand Monday. Get into this word, #GEENIEfam 🟣 πŸ” @chanaewing

What steadies me in weeks of shared grief, when the volume of injustice is unbearably high, and when the senseless loss of life drums on, is both rage and love.

I’m fueled by a rage that I have known sense I have understood myself and my global Black community as racialized beings. It is a rage of living a life that feels constantly under siege in one context or another. Where safety feels so fragile for even the most insulated among us.

The rub is that safety doesn’t truly exist in the white supremacist delusional system. At least not physical safety. Our bodies are in a precarious physical environment, made all the more challenging by humans in the throes of harm-ing. So then, it seems the safety we seek is in the mind and spirit. I have found that safety in the faith that I’m divinely protected. In the belief that I got me. And in the knowing that there is great care in community.

So that’s where the love fuel arises - in the understanding of the full expression of that mind/body/spirit connection. The love is a path to imagination, joy, abundance, and innovation amidst and alongside the righteous rage. I may never put down the rage, for as long as my people(s) are harmed psychically, physically, and emotionally. And yet, the love will always be there too.

My rage and love will co-exist, and the interplay serves as momentum to continuously live a life that serves. My last end of the week thought is: Black folx hold yourselves close, be kindest to you and your loved ones, and do whatever makes sense for you in this time/space reality - from rest and silence to protest and action - it’s all just right. πŸ’­πŸ’—πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

πŸ“·πŸ€³πŸΎ at home after a virtual event recording // mua: @keys_rebelle

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