Magic Monday by GeenieBox: Breaking Through

Monday was indeed magical, at GeenieBox’s #GBMagicMonday!  All of the #BlackGirlMagic that subscribers get in their monthly boxes, was amplified at this bimonthly event.

This #GBMagicMonday presented a conversation on "The Beauty of Breaking Through"  with Angelina Darrisaw, founder, C-Suite Coach and featured author Whitney Johnson, Disrupt Yourself. The theme of the event aligned to Daria Burke's October Box, and although Daria was unable to join us, her call to disrupt your life and look amazing while doing it permeated the entire evening! 

So, what were a few magic moments?

  • Disrupt yourself!  That’s right, author and speaker Whitney Johnson delved deep into how companies disrupt, and how we harness the same power to disrupt our personal and professional lives for the better. Whitney shared how the S-Curve (a popular framework used to describe disruption in business) is useful for thinking through personal and professional growth. Here's Whitney's S-Curve Locator to get you started!
  • Look for the “unpopular” jobs. C-Suite Coach founder Angelina Darrisaw shined light on the perks of looking outside of the traditionally “cool” roles. Sometimes getting into your dream company may not be through the marketing or advertising department; don’t be afraid to try something different (like an analyst role).
  • 4 questions to ask to determine if you’re disrupting:
    • Am I playing where no one else is?
    • Am I playing towards my strengths?
    • Is the work that I’m doing hard, but not debilitating?
    • Am I gaining momentum?

Not only did the speakers give us life, attendees made meaningful connections, shared life’s roller coasters, and some inspirational ideas for living our best lives!

One thing’s for sure…whether you take the leap, or you get pushed, you’re being disrupted.  Now it’s your turn to choose where to take that disruption!  To learn more about GeenieBox, and the amazing community of women disrupting in their everyday lives, check out

And don’t forget to keep up with our two panelists: follow Angelina Darrisaw’s C-Suite Coach on Twitter @CSuiteCoach  and listen to Whitney Johnson’s inspiring podcast today!


Guest Blogger Ashley Sutton has over 7 years experience in global brand marketing, product development, and strategy, across top companies such as Mattel, Avon Products, and Entertainment One.  She’s an expert resume editor, and loves helping clients build diamond resumes with her company