Introducing the GeenieBox Member Spotlight!

GeenieBox is all about embracing the genius of Black Girl Magic. With that in mind, we turn the lens our awesome members in our Spotlight Series. The GeenieBox subscriber is a woman who values supporting and amplifying women, aspires to inspire, and use one success to jumpstart the next. Get to know our members on a journey with us to live bigger bolder lives, and, of course, sprinkling Black Girl Magic everywhere!

Up first is Natasha from Brooklyn, NY.

Name: Natasha 
Title: Supporter, “Invigorator” and Amazing Friend

GeenieBox Spotlight Member - Natasha

 What keeps you going when you have a bad day?:

I am very rooted in God. Reading the Bible or hearing some words gets me back on track as well as relying on my family, boyfriend and amazing girlfriends.

What's your anthem?: 

"Hold Me Back" by Rick Ross

Currently, what are you proud of most?:

Knowing myself and how far I've come, confidence-wise

Who inspires you?

My friend Vanessa. She's been through so much and still remains optimistic and willing to take risks to get the life she wants. Also my boyfriend Isaiah, as he's shown me that it's possible to make money AND work at something I'm passionate about. 

Want to know more about Natasha? Check her out Instagram: @mztee_! #GeenieBox


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