Unpack with Us: Beauty & Mental Health

Introducing, a GEENIE series that invites conversation on issues impacting our communities. We’ll share a thread of content every Sunday that highlights challenges facing our world and current thinking on ways to move forward. Did you miss us last week? We took off for Mother’s Day but we’re right back at it today :) Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

🔍 BEAUTY AND MENTAL HEALTH: May is Mental Health Awareness Month - What better time to zoom in on the relationship between toxic beauty standards and our mental health. The Eurocentric Beauty Standards that have been propagated across the world have a direct correlation to how women, particularly women of color see themselves. And our use of technology and social media can exacerbate struggles or become an outlet to share in whole new ways. 
QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK: How does beauty culture impact your mental health? How do you use social media to have conversations about mental health?
Beauty & Mental Health

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