Inside the January Box

Hey Hey Hey Gems!

I'm so grateful that Chana asked me to share my favorite things with you. How Oprah! :)

My desire for you is the same desire that I have for myself, my four sisters, my friends, and my community of over 300,000 Dream Catchers (my "tribe") worldwide... I want to help you to LIVE RICHER. To create a positive and measurable lifestyle shift, through financial education.

You are more powerful than you know, more supported than you realize, and more capable than you give yourself credit for.

My favorite gift in your GeenieBox is the smallest one, my Budgetnista Bracelet. On it you'll find these words:


This is how you prioritize your financial life. Your NEEDS come first (food, shelter, clothing, water, medicine, transportation etc.). Then choose your LOVES. Ask yourself, if you had Oprah's bank account, what would you do, or do more of? Focus on two LOVES for the next six months. Think experiences over things.

Everything else is merely a LIKE or a WANT, and they take away from what's most important to you; purpose: NEEDS and passion: LOVES.

Wear your bracelet on the hand you use to pay with, and each time you reach to spend money ask yourself do I... Need it? Love it? Like it? Want it?

Enjoy the rest of my favorite things: the fantastic Coconut Lemongrass Body Oil by #BlackWomanOwned company Pooka Pure & Simple, The Doll lipkit by newcomer beauty brand CHLOE + CHRISTIAN, an exclusive invite to a Travel How-tos Webinar with my friend and Nomadness Tribe founder, Evita Robinson, and, of course, my latest book, Live Richer Challenge: Credit Edition! Know at any moment in time, you can choose to walk toward the life that you desire.

Live richer,

Tiffany, The Budgetnista