: Iconic Moments in Beauty...

: Iconic Moments in Beauty History 🌟 A GEENIE series giving flowers to people whose beauty and talent sparkled and reigned supreme over time. This Pride month, we're centering LGBTQIA+ folks, past and present, who have moved culture forward. Today we're featuring writer, feminist, mother, professor, civil rights activist, and native New Yorker and Black lesbian ICON: Audre Lorde 👏🏾

The Moment: We're in 1976, viewing "Woman" - a Production of WNED, Buffalo Television Series, hosted by Sandra Elkin. The episode is titled "Contemporary Women Poets" and features both Audre Lorde & Marge Piercy sitting in conversation on a striped couch. We're captivated by Audre in a floral, yellow dashiki and matching headwrap. To open the episode, we're unpacking the question, "Do you read other peoples' poems?". What follows is Audre's thoughtful commentary on the nature of poetry itself. *SWIPE* to hear her thoughts and full response, 🎥 via AfroMarxist (YouTube).

Audre Lorde described herself as a "Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet", and we're honored to recognize her this . Let's give Audre Lorde her well-deserved 💐s in the comments below!

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