#TBT: Iconic Moments in Beauty History - Sylvia Rivera

#TBT: Iconic Moments in Beauty History 🌟 A GEENIE series giving flowers to people whose beauty and talent sparkled and reigned supreme over time. This Pride month, we're centering LGBTQIA+ folks, past and present, who have moved culture forward. Today we're grateful to honor queer liberation & transgender rights activist, drag queen and historical icon, Sylvia Rivera πŸ’œ

The Moment: It's 1973 and we're front row at the Gay Pride Rally, held at Washington Square Park in New York City. We're in a mostly white crowd awaiting Sylvia Rivera to take the stage - after a few moments, Sylvia takes the mic and announces her arrival with "Y'all better quiet down!" The crowd boos and is initially unwelcoming, but Sylvia stands her ground sharing the plight of folks (including herself) who have been beaten and sexually assaulted in jail.
We're dialed into the moment as she says, β€œThe people have tried to do something for all of us, not white men and women who belong to a white middle class, white club...revolution now!” Though many in the crowd at that moment aren't a fan of her message (boo'ing echoes through the park), Sylvia’s impact was nevertheless made and her legacy of righteous rage and care for community felt to this day.

And it isn't a proper GEENIE without a breakdown of the lewk πŸ’« Sylvia's paired a full-body shimmery jumpsuit with sandals to march through the streets of NYC.Β CLICK to get a glimpse of this historic moment (and other moments w/ Marsha P. Johnson), plus clip πŸŽ₯ via LoveTapesCollective (YouTube).

Let's drop some πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ for Sylvia Rivera down below!

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