"I want things that just require an affirmation."

“I chose the word FUNDED because I was excited about some of the things in the future for my business and whether I have the immediate funds or not, I need to be able to speak it into existence.

I want things for myself that require just an affirmation, just some expectations. So that's why I like to use affirmations in my products as well, because it's a reminder to myself and to others. You might not know exactly how it's going to get done but if you just speak it into existence, it is inevitable.” - Kristen Elise Brown, CEO of Gold Label Cosmetics

From packaging to purpose, Gold Label Cosmetics latest product launch FUNDED, The Lipgloss is everythingggg ✨ A stunner for sure!

Get your new fav Spring to Summer lippie today 🛍


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