Artist Spotlight: Raveena 💗

"Growing up, South Asian culture and queer culture felt like oil and water. Something that just simply couldn't mix... I'm pretty sure I liked girls before I liked boys, but it took me until this year, in my 20s, to be able to verbalize and know in my heart that this is one of my truths. ... I hope that for lil brown girls in the future, their queerness will feel nothing short of completely, 100% mundane and normal." - @raveena_aurora 💫

We're fans of Raveena's intersectional values, R&B pop sound, and style! Let's break down this lewk too 🔥

styling @styleisinyou
makeup @zaheersyn
hair @malcolm.marquez
photography @coughs

📰 Quote Source: "Make Room For Raveena" by Sidney Madden, NPR (2019)

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