Lynn Whitfield Is Your Mother (In Your Head)

GeenieBox celebrates women and on fridays, we invite you to brag with us via our #BlackGirlBrag call-out. In honor of Mother’s Day, last week was all about our mothers and other women who have guided and inspired us - so, we unleashed #BlackMomBrag.

Each day we shared a question on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter (you are following us, eh?) to generate loving commentary and a friendly battle of the songs and grand dames that remind us of mom.

Here’s what we learned.

Afeni taught you.

Quick, name that tune that reminds you of your mother. If the hook, “Lady/Don’t ya know we love ya, sweet lady?,” ran across your mind - you’re in the majority. Though many of the standard odes to mom were represented (I’ll Always Love My Mama),  at the end of the day, many of y’all clearly place no song above Dear Mama. Your affection for the song would be sweet enough on its own, but it is extra moving considering the recent passing of Tupac’s favorite lady, Afeni Shakur.



Life Got, literally.

I guess this should’ve been a no-brainer but the most common and clearest declaration of  a mother’s significance - she gave “birth to my fine ass.” Nuff said.



Oprah be damned.  All your moms are Lynn Whitfields.

We asked, “If someone made a movie of your mom's life, who should play her?” We put four awesome choices in front of you (Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett, Lynn Whitfield and Oprah Winfrey) and assumed Oprah would be crowned top mom. Or we could see you envisioning Angela Bassett, “similar to her character in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” as @TheToknBlkGirl suggested. However, queen Lynn Whitfield, who celebrated a birthday on May 6th, is the silver screen mother in your head!


In addition to a celebration of mothering in all of its manifestations, #BlackMomBrag was an excuse to giveaway TWO GeenieBoxes - one for the lucky winner and the other for her mom. 


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