Inside the April Box

Dear GeenieBox Sisters - fellow creators, mothers, aunts, friends and supporters,

I profoundly thank you for your interest and collaboration in the journey I have taken and continue to travel as a woman, wife, mother, artist, philanthropist and GeenieBox contributor. I am both humbled and honored to share with you a few of the ingredients that have enriched my life and contributed to my creative exploration. Like most of you, I was blessed to travel a path where education and family/community support was a part of my upbringing and propelled me to my first professional "pit stop." In my case, becoming a lawyer and working at a big NYC law firm was that initial destination but I knew in my heart that it would not be my final stop. To be clear, I am grateful to have had the experience but like so many individuals who yearn to live a life creating content, I felt stuck in a profession that was not feeding my spirit. I knew there was more for me and I was determined to find it.

The breakthrough for me came in the form of a book, "The Artist's Way," by Julia Cameron which became a roadmap for me to tap into anything creative within myself and to release it into the world. For me the book gave me permission and guidance to freely explore my creativity which ultimately led to me writing and publishing three bestselling books and producing and directing television and film.

As I was approached to curate the GeenieBox, it was important for The Artist’s Way to be included given its profound impact on my life. This book was my jumping off point and tapped into the Artist within me. I also wanted a Journal to be included for the book's morning pages exercise I hope you all eventually write (as I did which became the basis for my first novel) and the Studio Museum in Harlem (3-month Studio Society membership and Harlem Series postcards) which is my cultural institution of choice for Inspiration.

I hope when you receive your GeenieBox that you are inspired, motivated and challenged to find your inner voice and allow it to take you wherever your creativity drives you and where your spirit requires.





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