GeenieBox Member Spotlight: Meet Elon

GeenieBox is all about embracing the genius of Black Girl Magic. With that in mind, we turn the lens our awesome members in our Spotlight Series. The GeenieBox subscriber is a woman who values supporting and amplifying women, aspires to inspire, and use one success to jumpstart the next. Get to know our members on a journey with us to live bigger bolder lives, and, of course, sprinkling Black Girl Magic everywhere!

Name: Elon

Title: Student

What keeps Elon going when she's having a bad day:

Honestly, as a 14-year-old who has plenty of bad days, I have yet to find one effective course of action to turn a bad day around or at least make it feel less sucky. I do try to have one thing I'm looking forward to and when I feel like I'm having a hard time I like to take a couple deep breaths. I'm trying to learn how to feel my emotions and not beat myself up over them. It's hard, especially when you can come up with a million and one reasons why you shouldn't feel what you feel.

Elon's Anthem: 

Under Control by the Internet. I was listening to this song recently...really listening and I realized right there in the lyrics was the reason I love this song so much.

Elon is most proud of:

My maturity. I almost felt bad answering this question, as though what I'm most proud of has to be tangible or a physical accomplishment like an award, maybe. However, I definitely don't think this is the case for me, I'm most proud of the fact that I'm a human being that can have real conversations and think on a level that is deeper than our surface level of consciousness. I feel so aware of the world around me that I almost feel out of touch with it, though I'm sure that doesn't make much sense. 

The person who most inspires Elon:

My cousin, Ciera. I have never met someone who is so unapologetically themselves, and not even in the "I really just don't give a crap" kind of way. She is aware and cognizant of the world she lives in and the people around her and still chooses to be nothing more or less than who she really is. She is so completely and utterly human, her flaws and how she embodies them are what make her great. She wears her scars as medals won from fighting the most ferocious battles, even if she lost to her demons. I've seen her at her worst, and I've also seen her pick herself back up. Nothing is more beautiful and empowering than that.  

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