Her Genius: Lauren Maillian

Lauren Maillian has been called many things in her life - entrepreneur, author, mother, and now she can add one more title to the long list: Geenie.  

GeenieBox, the new subscription box curated by a different iconic Black woman every month, has selected Lauren to be the Geenie for our inaugural shipment. Lauren is #BlackGirlMagic personified, and her story and secret weapons will challenge, magnify and inspire women the world over!

We’re hard at work distilling her genius into a carefully curated selection of products and experiences that will make their way to you in March. Until then, find out how Lauren balances three spaces that support her hustle. (Oh, and GeenieBox hints abound!)


One of Lauren's favorite quotes is, "Inhale the future, exhale the past" - she's all about staying in a positive, future-forward space every day. Lauren reinforces her perspective with perspiration, setting an energetic tone daily through cardio exercise. Lauren advises you to find a routine that helps you get to and stay in a space of feeling, "confident, secure and empowered."


A self-professed tea junkie, Lauren always has a hot cup of tea amid the flourescent post-its, awards, and family photos that surround her desk. Lauren's desk has been intentionally organized to support peace (a soy candle and fresh flowers reinforce the tea) while managing a flurry of skype meetings with her team, agent and investments. 


Lauren doesn't believe in being caught off guard. "Always be ready. Always dress your A-game." To be prepared for the unexpected, Lauren's bag is ground zero for working on the go (laptop, iphone, backup charger), bursts of inspiration (pen and small notebook), and beauty fixes (concealer, hand cream and lipstick). 

Lauren is a modern day woman redefining having it all. Subscribe today and get her secret weapons delivered to you Women's History Month!