GeenieBox Member Spotlight: Meet Raquel

GeenieBox is all about embracing the genius of Black Girl Magic. With that in mind, we turn the lens our awesome members in our Spotlight Series. The GeenieBox subscriber is a woman who values supporting and amplifying women, aspires to inspire, and use one success to jumpstart the next. Get to know our members on a journey with us to live bigger bolder lives, and, of course, sprinkling Black Girl Magic everywhere!


Our next Subscriber Spotlight is Raquel from Brooklyn, NY.


Name: Raquel

Title: Writer

GeenieBox Member Spotlight: Racquel

What keeps Raquel going when she's having a bad day:

Knowing that my family made great sacrifices so that I can have ALL of the opportunities, and wanting to do the same for my daughters.

Raquel's Anthem: 

There are so many - one that is great to start my day RIGHT is "I Am Somebody" by Santana feat. Will I. Am. Listen to it and I swear you'll be inspired to conquer the day!

Raquel is most proud of:

The name I've made for myself as a champion of the written word in the underground NYC literary scene. I love having this reputation!

The person who most inspires Raquel:

The women in my family, young and old, who bust their butt every day to "make a way," and the sole man among us, my Papi Miguel, for actually making a way for us kids. Whenever I think "I can't do this!" I remember that THEY DID IT, and with much less at their disposal. It's incredibly humbling.


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